Pregnancy – Month 8

Weeks 31 - 35 ONE MONTH TO GO !!!   Well I'm definitely late on this post! We have been so busy preparing for the arrival of Baby B and preparing to leave work for a year that by the end of day, I'm exhausted. That's the story of my life lately, it really doesn't … Continue reading Pregnancy – Month 8


Jessica’s Blessingway

I'm finally getting to blog about Jessica's blessingway! I can't believe it's been over a month since it happened, time obviously got away from me. On Saturday, March 11th, I helped organize a beautiful milestone in the life of one of my newest friends, who like me, is also pregnant! Well.. not anymore since her … Continue reading Jessica’s Blessingway

1st Trimester Favourites!

I can't blog about my pregnancy without telling you about my favourite products! Let's face it, every trimester is different and so are your needs. So I'm very excited to share with you a few things that I absolutely loved during my first trimester. You may notice a lack of morning sickness products here and that's because I've … Continue reading 1st Trimester Favourites!

Pregnancy – Month 2

Occurred between October and November 2016 Weeks 5 - 8 Officially on restrictions at work and winding down my exercise routine. I know they say that if you're physically active before you're pregnant, you can continue basically until you can't (which usually starts around 12 weeks when the uterus generally begins to come out of the pelvis - … Continue reading Pregnancy – Month 2