Pregnancy – Month 8

Weeks 31 – 35


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Well I’m definitely late on this post! We have been so busy preparing for the arrival of Baby B and preparing to leave work for a year that by the end of day, I’m exhausted.

That’s the story of my life lately, it really doesn’t take much to wear me out nowadays, although I’m still feeling pretty great. I really can’t complain, this pregnancy has been so very uneventful. I haven’t exactly reached that point in the pregnancy where I just want to get the baby out, I’m still waiting to see if I get to that point at all.

I’m also getting a lot of stares from strangers, it’s like they’ve never seen a pregnant woman before. I don’t remember ever staring that much at other pregnant women, myself but I find it amusing, nonetheless.

Week 31 –  This week we celebrated our 3rd first date-iversary! Yep, three years together already and I feel like it’s been longer, to be honest – not in a bad way, of course! We have accomplished a lot in three years so it seems like it should be longer. After agreeing not to get each other any gifts for our anniversary, good ol’ Hubby came home with a card and flowers anyway. What a gem!

Week 32 – This week included another routine doctor appointment. I’m up another three pounds and baby girl is finally head down! However, the top of my belly has now gone completely numb. I have been having some nerve issues on the top right hand side that left one small spot with a tingly sensation and now it’s just up and gone numb as well! Unfortunately, it does keep me from doing a lot of activities around the house as my belly continues to get heavier.

I have also started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea which has been known to help strengthen the uterus for delivery. I’m willing to try anything and many women swear by it, so why not? My Doula definitely recommends it although very rarely it can cause contractions so I’m starting with just one cup a day.

Week 33 – We’re now starting to think about our birth plan and putting it down onto paper. We have so much information from classes and our Doula, it’s hard to keep it to one page. I think we have an idea of all the things we’d like to include in our birth plan, but we’re also very aware that things could change at any minute and the whole plan could go out the window in a second.

Week 34 – This week I had my first pre-natal massage which was lovely! I was starting to feel the aches and pains in my back and lucky for me, the local massage therapy training centre offers three complimentary pre-natal massages!

We’re now seeing our doctor every two weeks as opposed to every month and things are progressing very well. Baby girl is still head down and I’m still gaining all the weight. I think that’s been the reason I’ve been having aches and pains, I can’t say I have ever weighed this much in my life!

Week 35 – This week ended with my baby shower in Dundurn which was lovely! Good food, good company, I really couldn’t ask for a better shower. I also had my very own Blessingway or Mother Blessing which was very special to me and I’ll get into more details in a shower-specific post. But this mama was very spoiled!

We also had our maternity photoshoot done by a local photographer who is amazing! She has done two shoots now for me and I just love her. The photos turned out beautifully!


3rd Trimester: 35 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of a: Bunch of carrots

Symptoms: Occasional back aches and a numbness at the top of my belly.

How I’m feeling: I’m still walking lots, however I’m definitely slower and get winded faster. But otherwise, feeling great.

Movement: This girl loves to move and we love to watch!

Sleep: Just when I thought the bathroom visits were at an all time high, this month has proved me wrong and so my sleep has suffered slightly but still managing.

Cravings: None at the moment.

Food aversions: I’m getting better at eating my veggies.

Wearing: My work uniform has gotten tight enough to make it uncomfortable and so I’ve been allowed to switch to civilian clothing which has really helped.

Favourite moment: My very special Blessingway =)

Most excited about: Finishing work in just a few short weeks! The countdown is on.

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