2nd Trimester Favourites

Annnnnnd I’m back with my favourite pregnancy things!

The 2nd trimester has been by far the best. My energy is up the majority of the time, I haven’t had too much heartburn, and I’m sleeping wonderfully. I understand now why women say the second trimester is the best. There’s definitely a whole new list of things that have come in handy though, and so I’m here to tell you all about them!

Secret Fit Belly Maternity Leggings from Motherhood Maternity – So these were the first ever pair of maternity leggings that I purchased and I may just have to buy another pair because I wear them so much. They’re light enough for pre-natal yoga and go with every outfit for day-to-day. I can’t tell you how comfortable they are and I think I got them as a 2 for $25 deal.

Jolly Jumper Mama Sleep Ez Body Pillow – You guys… you guys. Um, how do I explain something that has changed my life (and sleep) for the better? At only $68 at Walmart, it’s $20 cheaper than the Snoogle and although I have never tried the Snoogle, I’m willing to bet it does the exact same job for a better price. My Hubby actually ordered mine online at Best Buy (did you know they have more than just electronics? I didn’t) for the same price. Walmart was sold out at the time. But honestly… I will never get rid of this pillow. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better sleep even before I was pregnant. It’s even helped with my SI joint issues! Just get this pillow even if you aren’t pregnant. Trust me.

PureGuardian Cool Mist Humidifier – So one of the great symptoms of being pregnant is that your mucous membranes in your nose tend to swell up, leaving you congested and a mouth-breather. I keep this little gem on my nightstand basically right next to my face and noticed a difference the first night! We got it at Walmart for $40 and it was a great investment. We’ll be putting it in Baby’s room afterwards.

Bath & Body Works plugins – These aren’t exactly pregnancy-related but I just love these little suckers. Don’t get me wrong, basically everything from B&BWorks is amazing to me, but I always get these plugins to use around the house and the scent has always put me in a good mood. I really like the seasonal scents like fresh balsam and autumn leaves.

Lush Massage Bar – My Hubby got me this for Christmas from Lush and it’s super cool! It’s made from organic cocoa butter and free trade olive oil and it has all the vitamins that any growing belly could ask for! Plus, all you do is rub it on your belly and the heat of your skin will warm it up. Then it becomes really easy to spread around. It feels really nice too.

Popeyes 2L Jug – So in my last pregnancy post, I mentioned that I started to become super thirsty, like I couldn’t get enough water no matter how much I drank. Well this beauty was real handy and I tried to drink two of these a day. I added slices of lemon, lime, and mint too and it made it that much easier to drink.

Elderberry Cough Syrup – Also in my last post, my doula recommended this for my persistent and unproductive dry cough. I got it at a local organic market and it’s made a huge difference. The inhaler my doc prescribed just didn’t seem to do the job and honestly, I’ve never heard of an inhaler doing anything for a cough so like… what? But sooo glad I tried this. My cough is still there but at least I have some sort of relief.

Disclaimer: this post does not contain affiliate links.


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