Pregnancy – Month 6

Weeks 22 – 26

I’m finally updating in real time with three months to go!

To think I thought time was flying after the first trimester. I’m now entering the third trimester and wondering how I could have possibly missed the second! It felt like such a breeze and I almost feel bad for not paying more attention. That’s not to say I completely ignored the little peanut in my belly. We’ve been having so much fun playing “tag,” that I didn’t realize the time passing! That’s right, I said “tag.” As in “tag, you’re it!” She seems to be responding to touch now and it’s so fun! I lay in bed before going to sleep and she’ll kick as usual. So I’ll tap on the same spot and then she’ll kick again and this goes on for at least 10 minutes. Even my Hubby has his turn with her.

In Week 24, I had my routine doctor’s appointment and he now believes I’m developing pregnancy-related asthma. Those who know me well will know this is so strange! His conclusion stems from the fact that I’ve had an awful cough for the last two(ish) months. Now I don’t know much about asthma, but I thought it was more a breathing issue? Anyway, he prescribed me an inhaler but I’ve only used it about four times. My doula recommended elderberry cough syrup which I still have yet to try.

During Week 25, I started bullet journalling! Since I started blogging, I’ve been inspired to do more things with writing and decided to try it. So this week I went to Chapters and bought my first bullet journal. I decided to go with the Eccolo Dotted Spiral Notebook because it was the cheapest and my track record for starting and finishing things isn’t that great so I didn’t want to spend the money on the Leuchtturm1917 just yet. If this journal serves me well, I may just upgrade. But more on that later!

I have to say that every week of pregnancy now is presenting something different. And sometimes literally on the day that I start a new week. In week 26, baby has been kicking so much now and so hard sometimes that it startles me! I could be in the middle of a conversation and suddenly I jump and people give me very weird looks. She’s also kicking a lot during the day now compared to last week when she was still sleeping (or so I think) during the day and active in the evenings.

2nd Trimester: 26 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of a: Butternut Squash

Symptoms: Super thirsty! The last couple weeks or so it’s as if I just can’t get enough water in me. So I’ve interpreted that as baby girl telling me to drink up! I’ve switched to my Popeyes 2L jug and added lemon, lime and mint. Delicious!

How I’m feeling: Still feeling pretty energetic but noticing that occasionally I’ll get waves of exhaustion usually at the end of the day and I’ll just nap for an hour. But I also get waves of energy and end up getting a lot done!

Movement: She just doesn’t stop. Not that I mind, of course, I love feeling her move around and kick. It seems I’ve got a little soccer player in there.

Sleep: Never better. My pregnancy pillow has changed my life. The odd time I won’t be able to fall asleep right away, probably due to a previous nap, but I’ve never had deeper sleeps.

Cravings: Dairy, fruit, popsicles

Food aversions: I have been able to eat breaded and stuffed chicken, so that’s a start! Lately vegetables are becoming difficult to eat, not because they taste bad but I just don’t want them.

Wearing: Maternity uniform and leggings, baggy shirts. My winter jacket officially doesn’t fit anymore but I refuse to pay money for a maternity jacket this close to Spring.

Favourite moment: Hubby and I tried to record Baby kicking but it’s harder than it seems! We placed a ruler on my belly and it would move every time she kicked. Well, Hubby has felt a hard kick before but he’s never seen one. So she gave one great big boot to my side and the ruler fell off, along with Hubby who couldn’t believe his eyes!

Most excited about: Finally buying our car seat and stroller next month!

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