Pregnancy – Month 5

Occurred between January and February 2017

Weeks 18 – 21

Where has the time gone? There’s literally four months left of my pregnancy and we have nothing… aside from the baby things we received at Christmas, we are not prepared at all. Kind of freaking out a bit! I think it’s really starting to hit us that we’re about to be parents.

Believe it or not, we actually spent some time before we got pregnant picking out baby names. Anything that came to mind or that we heard, we always suggested, “hey, that would be a cute name for a boy/girl.” I already had somewhat of a list before we actually needed to pick a name.


And then came week 18. Our second ultrasound was so incredible. Baby B looked so much more like a baby with a perfectly round head, little nose, and long arms and legs. Not like the little grey alien blob that showed on the first ultrasound. I would tell you I cried, but my natural reaction when I’m overjoyed is just to laugh. I tried really hard to keep my cool so I could stare at Baby longer. I’m sure we had to wait even longer this time for the ultrasound technician to take all the photos before showing us the screen. This time, I listened when she pointed to certain spots to explain what they were.

And… IT’S A GIRL!!! I have to say I’ve been thinking it was a boy the entire time so when the ultrasound tech told us it was a girl (although these scans aren’t always 100% accurate), we were so surprised and ecstatic! Her little heartbeat was still a strong 152 bpm.


At week 19, I felt some real movement! It was a strong flutter in my left side while I was driving to work and it was strong enough that I was sure it was my baby girl saying hello. Sure enough on the drive home, “I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain came on the radio so I turned up the volume and sang out loud by myself like a crazy woman.

I have been having some trouble with my sacroiliac (SI) joints lately. I had a problem with the left one before becoming pregnant, but now that Baby is getting bigger and needing more room, it’s taking a toll on both my joints. Some evenings, the only comfortable spot for me was flat on the floor with an ice pack. Luckily my doula recommended a chiropractor and that really seems to be helping. I’ve also started pre-natal yoga and I always feel amazing after I finish a class. I think it’ll be a regular thing throughout this pregnancy.

Hubby bought me a pregnancy pillow. It wasn’t the official Snoogle like so many women swear by, it’s actually called the Jolly Jumper Mama Sleep EZ Body Pillow. It’s $20 cheaper than the Snoogle and it’s a serious game changer. It may or may not have replaced my Hubby already, I sleep with it every night and even while on the couch. My SI joints have never felt better!

Around week 21, Hubby was finally able to feel a kick! She seems to kick more when I’m laying down and so before bed, she was busy kicking away and I grabbed his hand so he could feel it just in time for one swift kick to my belly button. It was a pretty special moment for him. I always felt bad when I could feel her moving and he knew he’d have to wait just a little longer. Now every night, he places his hand on my belly to feel her kick before bed.


2nd Trimester: 22 weeks, 1 day

Baby is the size of a: Corn on the cob

Symptoms: If I move too fast, I get sharp round ligament pains, usually on the right side under the belly, but this is very normal. I also seem to have developed a bit of an unproductive cough, but I have no other symptoms to suggest it’s a cold. On the bright side, my nails are looking fabulous!

How I’m feeling: It’s as if the exhaustion has disappeared into thin air. I’m suddenly full of energy and really don’t have to take so many naps in the afternoons anymore.

Movement: Lots of kicks that feel like little pokes and flutters.

Sleep: Like a baby with my new pillow!

Cravings: Popsicles are a huge thing right now, and not just any popsicles. I want the original orange, purple, and pink coloured ones that you have to break in half. I also can’t get enough dairy (especially cottage cheese – and whole fat too!) and fruit, namely clementines.

Food aversions: Frankly, I’m too scared to try chicken again.

Wearing: I have to wear a uniform at work so I’ve been issued the maternity pants with a stretchy fabric at the belly that grows with me. No more fumbling with zippers!

Favourite moment: The moment when Hubby first felt a kick! His giggle was too cute.

Most excited about: I’m starting to think more and more about baby things and now that we know it’s a girl, I’m pretty excited to shop for baby girl clothes!

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