Pregnancy – Month 4

Occurred between December and January 2016

Weeks 14 – 17

What a month! This was the month we were finally able to let the cat out of the bag and I can’t tell you how excited I have been leading up to the final days and the exact moment we told our families. So many thoughts and ideas went into the planning of how to tell them. Do we plant a real bread bun in the oven and ask them what’s a bun doing in the oven? Do we get them to open a gift with a onesie and other baby paraphernalia so they have to ask us? In the end, we did a couple different things and it went exactly as we’d hoped. Lots of screaming! It was so special to be able to announce our pregnancy at Christmas and it made for a great gift.

Our families (especially Baby B’s Zias-to-be) were skeptical as to why we were visiting both sides of the family at Christmas especially since we just had our wedding the September before. Not surprisingly, Hubby’s sisters figured it out months before Christmas without us even having to tell them. That being said, I think they’ll be great Zias!

During our visit with my family, we went maternity clothes shopping with Mom. I hadn’t realized how expensive they can be, all I wanted were some leggings as my current ones were cutting me off at just the wrong spot on my stomach. Jeans have officially been out of the picture for the last week or so and all I want is to feel comfortable. But I found some sales and I picked up two pairs of black leggings at 2 for $25 and I decided to splurge on a pair of jeans (Happy Christmas to me!) at Motherhood Maternity. Let me just say… why don’t they have these for non-pregnant women?! Had I known they would be this comfortable, I would have bought them years ago whether I was pregnant or not! Game changer.

As if this month couldn’t get any better, we heard Baby B’s heartbeat for the first time! A strong and steady 152 bpm. I’m also up 5 lbs but I’m willing to bet most of that is because we had such a great Christmas!

As of this week, I’ve been beginning to feel some subtle movement! It’s so subtle that I sometimes second guess myself, but I’m mostly sure I can feel something. It’s as if Baby B is just rolling around in there, it’s a strange feeling and I usually have to lay down flat in order to feel it. But yay!!


2nd Trimester: 17 weeks, 3 days

Baby is the size of a: Pomegranate

Symptoms: Pregnancy brain is a real thing. I actually believed for 5 minutes that one year consisted of eight months… what?

How I’m feeling: I’m still taking daily naps and all the travelling during the holidays really did me in, but overall feeling well. Still no nausea or morning sickness so it might be safe to say I’m officially in the clear.

Movement: Something! Very subtle but it mostly feels like small rolling waves inside me.

Sleep: I have mostly been sleeping well, however I usually wake up with mild aches and pains in my lower back.

Cravings: Still craving salty foods (Christmas sweets did nothing for me) and red meat.

Food aversions: I thought maybe I might be over the chicken. It seems as long as it’s covered in sauce, the smell doesn’t bother me. But I still can’t stomach it.

Wearing: Maternity leggings ALL DAY.

Favourite moment: Easy! Seeing our families’ reactions at Christmas when we finally told them the news.

Most excited about: We decided we’d like to find out the gender so we can’t wait for our next ultrasound!

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