1st Trimester Favourites!

I can’t blog about my pregnancy without telling you about my favourite products! Let’s face it, every trimester is different and so are your needs. So I’m very excited to share with you a few things that I absolutely loved during my first trimester.

You may notice a lack of morning sickness products here and that’s because I’ve been very fortunate not to have experienced it at all in my pregnancy. However, I have heard that anything ginger really helps.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility – This is a great informative book by Toni Weschler that gives some amazing insight into the woman’s body. I learned things about my body that I never knew before. I downloaded the Kindle e-book for $16.99 on Amazon and the paperback goes for about $29.95. It’s worth the money! What’s great about this book is that not only does it explain female reproductive anatomy in depth and in a way that makes sense, it also shows you how to maximize your chances of conception AND how not to get pregnant naturally. I read this book months before but it definitely played a major role in helping us to get pregnant. It would also be a great option for those who have been trying for some time. It was actually really fun to track and chart my cycles and get to know my body on another level. Once I got the hang of charting, I bought the TempCue BBT Temperature Sensor for $24.95 which is a thermometer that connects to your phone to track your basal body temperature. Really cool!

TCOYF App – I used this app to chart my cycles, it worked in conjunction with the BBT thermometer but you can also use the website if you prefer that. It was so easy to update since all I had to do was open an app on my phone. What’s even better – it’s free!

Ovia Pregnancy App – I loved this app throughout my entire pregnancy but definitely in the first trimester because everything was so new! It updates every day on baby development and pregnancy symptoms and I thought it was bang on in line with how my pregnancy was progressing. You can also track your doctor appointments and milestones, upload bump photos, and have access to tons of pregnancy-related articles! It’s also free =)

Centrum Pre-Natal Vitamins – Before becoming pregnant, I hadn’t known too much about pre-natal vitamins, only that I had to take them. To be honest, my Hubby actually bought these for me at Walmart and I haven’t switched to any other brand. They’ve been great though! I usually take them in the morning after breakfast but lately I’ve noticed they help to perk me up during the day if I take them at lunch.

Reusable water bottle – Must. Drink. Water. Especially during pregnancy! I personally use my Popeyes 24oz shaker cup and that works for me. I’m kind of terrible at drinking water so I have to set a reminder on my phone to make myself drink enough.

Tums – I haven’t had terrible heartburn but when I do get it, it’s usually at night while I’m trying to sleep. According to my doctor, Tums are pregnancy friendly and a great source of calcium! I keep some on my bedside table and at work.

Pyjama pants – or any kind of loose clothing. There is no shortage of comfy pjs in my dresser, in fact they have their own drawer.

Tetley Orange Pekoe tea – If you’ve read any of my first trimester posts, you already know I had an obsession with Orange Pekoe tea. So much so that I bought the Big Box from Costco that has 300 tea bags. I still haven’t finished it.

The Body Shop Body Butter – This is a regular staple in my routine anyway, but now I make sure I use plenty on my growing belly! My favourite is the Coconut Body Butter. I’m so obsessed with it in fact that I usually buy two or three at a time, especially if there’s a BOGO sale on. I’ve also heard the Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Stick by the Body Shop is great for pregnant women but I have yet to try it!

Disclaimer: this post does not contain affiliate links.


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