Pregnancy – Month 3

Occurred between November and December 2016

Weeks 9 – 13

We made it! I’m now entering the second trimester and it’s as if time has just flown by. I can’t tell if I’m showing yet or if it’s just bloating, but there is definitely something there. It’s very low but it feels harder than my normal belly pooch. Of course it’s not noticeable to anyone but me and the Hubby just yet.


In week 10, I had my second doctor’s appointment. He tried to find the heartbeat (which I didn’t expect him to do, otherwise I would’ve brought Hubby with me) to no avail. Nothing to worry about though, it’s not very often you can hear the heartbeat that early.

Although my doctor is absolutely wonderful, I’m currently on a waitlist for a midwife. The hospital actually has a midwife section that I was very surprised and pleased to learn! Midwives, at least in my area, seem to be very in demand so I don’t know if I will actually be set up with one. However I wouldn’t be the least bit disappointed if my doctor was the one to deliver Baby B.

Yes, we decided to nickname him/her Baby B. It sort of just happened and we tend to switch between Baby and Baby B, but I thought it was cute because I tend to call my fur child Baby Boo.

This month I still felt quite exhausted but I haven’t had any morning sickness or nausea. Usually after the 12-week mark, morning sickness will start to dissipate so I may be in the clear now. I can hear every woman right now cursing me under their breath, but other than exhaustion, sometimes I’ve wondered if I really am pregnant. Honestly, before our 12-week ultrasound, it still hadn’t felt real.

Yes, our first ultrasound! It was sooo incredible to see what looked like a real baby on the screen! Especially after waiting what seemed like an hour for the ultrasound tech to finish taking all the pictures she needed. I swear my Hubby was about to lose it, he was so impatient. It was actually super cute to see his reaction. On the outside he seemed so reserved but his eyes gave him away. We were all smiles when we finally saw Baby B on the screen. The ultrasound tech was trying to show me all the different parts of the uterus, but I didn’t hear a word she said. I was so transfixed by this little human inside me. It was like he/she was doing flips, we kept losing him/her on the screen (probably too because I couldn’t stop laughing).


1st Trimester: 13 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Jalapeño

Symptoms: Exhaustion is still a real thing but I haven’t had any nausea or morning sickness whatsoever.

How I’m feeling: I’m still taking naps every day after work, but otherwise feeling great!

Movement: Not for a while yet, I expect.

Sleep: Naps are saving my life.

Cravings: Still really into salty everything, and I could eat a bloody steak every night of the week.

Food aversions: Chicken! And it couldn’t be more inconvenient because that’s usually all we eat but I can’t stand the smell of it. It literally smells like rotten garbage. We absolutely cannot have it in the house, I can smell it from the other room as soon as the Hubby takes it out of the fridge. Ick!

Wearing: Jeans are becoming uncomfortable but I have lots of leggings that are working just fine.

Favourite moment: Seeing my Hubby’s face when we saw Baby B at our first ultrasound! And of course seeing him/her move around. Shit’s getting real.

Most excited about: Telling our families at Christmas!


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