Pregnancy – Month 2

Occurred between October and November 2016

Weeks 5 – 8

Officially on restrictions at work and winding down my exercise routine. I know they say that if you’re physically active before you’re pregnant, you can continue basically until you can’t (which usually starts around 12 weeks when the uterus generally begins to come out of the pelvis – certain ab exercises are a no-no), but I have been so exhausted that I just can’t work out like I used to. If you’re wondering why I informed my job about my pregnancy so early, it’s because in my line of work I’m required to do a lot of physical activity at a moment’s notice. But I digress…

I’ve heard many women complain about exhaustion in the first trimester, but I had NO IDEA it was like this! I usually have a pretty good sleep and wake up feeling refreshed… until about noon. Then it’s a struggle to make it through the rest of the day. I have about a thirty minute commute home and then I plunk my ass on the couch and it’s lights out HARD for two hours… and I still go to bed at 9pm. Thank goodness for my Hubby, he’s been doing everything around the house – all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, everything, and usually while I’m napping. What a gem!

I seem to be on an Orange Pekoe tea trip. Originally, I thought I would cut out caffeine altogether (because I scared myself by reading all these articles that talked about the relationship between caffeine and miscarrying) so I switched to tea which this particular type only has about 34mg of caffeine. But now I crave it!

It was my birthday this month as well so it was very special to me to be able to celebrate it with a life growing inside me. I’ve become very aware of my mid section, that’s for sure. I tend to pay attention to any slight feeling or anything that feels different. For a birthday gift, my Hubby got me a 90-min float from Float YXE. If you haven’t heard of the concept, you basically climb into a pod of about 11 inches of water containing 900lbs of salt (it’s more buoyant than the Dead Sea apparently) and you just float! It’s very relaxing and it’s meant to relax all your muscles, even the little ones you didn’t know you had (it’s also pregnancy-safe), and you eventually drift into a place somewhere between wakefulness and sleep. I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again!


1st Trimester: 8 weeks, 3 days

Baby is the size of a: Strawberry

Symptoms: The exhaustion is like none other I’ve ever experienced. But I’m feeling very lucky that it seems to be the only symptom I’m experiencing as I haven’t had one bout of nausea or morning sickness yet.

How I’m feeling: My emotions are on a rollercoaster. I’m a lot more weepy than I used to be (I even cried during a Coke commercial), I’m easily frustrated and irritated. It’s a lot like PMS, actually. On steroids.

Movement: If baby’s moving, I wouldn’t know!

Sleep: Alllll the time.

Cravings: Salty and savoury foods, chips are a huge deal right now.

Food aversions: So far so good!

Wearing: Still wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes.

Favourite moment: My float at Float YXE.

Most excited about: Hearing the heartbeat!


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